ArvaliCom has become part of a 60 Agency Public Relations and Government Relations agency network in over 100 countries.

The special character of this international organization is provided by the fact that it was founded by the world’s largest legal firm, Dentons. The purpose of this initiative was to deconstruct the walls between legal, PA and PR tools and by combining the knowledge of the outstanding representatives of these three professional fields. Success is achieved by solving exceptionally complex issues at any point in the world. NextLaw accepts new members after a thorough and meticulous selection process. NextLaw senior managers decided to partner with the five-year-old Hungarian agency to operate as part of the new international professional elite club.

Dentons, the founder, facilitates 475 law firms and 25,000 connected lawyers along with an added circle of PA and PR professionals in 185 countries. If there is an event emerging in any of the member countries, a complete legal, PR and PA team will be able to handle it locally or internationally.